Leonard Sansoe

Leonard Sansone

Leonard Sansone (1917 ~ 1963) was a cartoonist originally from Norwood, Massachusetts. He served in the US Army during World War II and became a member of Camp Newspaper Service. He drew the humorous military cartoon Wolf Man for Stars and Stripes and Yank Magazine during World War II. The strip was also known as The Wolf and GI Wolf.

Leonard also illustrated several books including Semi-Private by Sgt. Edward O’Leary, Chain of Command by Barrie Stavis and Private Purky’s Private Peace by H.I. Phillips.

After the War, he moved with his wife and children to Miami and was a freelance cartoonist. He created the daily newspaper comics strip Willie for United Features in 1948, was a member of the Art Directors Association of Greater Miami and co founder and president of the Florida Advertising Art Agency. He died in a traffic incident in October 1963, at age 46.

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